artist: Microbit Project
title: Android Dreams
keywords: acid, minimal, lobit, techno, dance
label: Tharoop Records http://tharoop.blogspot.fi/

Switch the lights on and off, dance with glow sticks in the garden, the kitchen, the bedroom and why not in the living room as well? This new release just came out on the Tharoop netlabel , which is a label run by mad genius and artist Jukka-Perka Kervinen completely focussing on minimal techno / dance music in a lower bit rate. The music on this release is a must have for anyone who is loving trippy minimal acid music that does a great job hypnotizing the listener into the land of yellow smileys. The acid melody is moving and transiting in on the spot deliciousness. This modern day made music (made with an android tablet) sounds pretty old school, which is a total ‘Yes’ in delivering what every acid house lover wants and needs!
This groovy stuff to dance , chill and freak out is another example of one of the most talented underground producers out there. Good quality stuff indeed and a must have for every minimal acid head! Get it over here for the price of absolutely nothing:


Artist: Microbit Project
title: Electro-Flopper
format: Floppy Diskette
keywords: quirky lobit techno
label: Diskette Etikette Records http://www.disketteetikette.tk

Between a pile of socks there was something of a legendary release hidden. One of the first floppy disk releases from the catalogue of Diskette Etikette Records. The legendary front cover was featuring a scene from wolvenstein 3D including pixelgun and some pixel body’s with blood. Above all stand the name that is equal for quality; ‘Microbit Project’. One of my favorite projects by artist Evgenij Kharitonov from Russia, who has mastered almost every possible music style you could think off, organizes festivals, loves bikes and is a great poet! With this little floppy he focusses as only he could do on a genre on its own. ‘Electro Flopper’ is such a goody that you simply can’t stop smiling while listening to the content. It’s like a golden nugget in a pile of floppies! Let me take you through it!
‘Yaahaa’ is the first odd goodie on this delirious floppy diskette classic. Its approach of electro music is almost like da-daism and poetry transformed into strange experimental lobit techno music. It feels like pots and pans are getting hit with robotic charged drumsticks, which may sound mad in writing, but wait until you actual manage to hear it with your very own ears! It’s deliciously insane!
The following up track ‘Yeehe’ goes deeper in strangeness, weird sounds that are very humoristic, transform in a hilarious orgy of crazy IDM electronica. Something to smile to with its crazy rhythems, experimental lazers and funky trickery’s! Absolutely the work of a mad genius!
‘Yoker’ is the crazy follow up of this incredible floppy diskette of fun! We hear chickens, noises, rhythmic madness, upright groovy insanity that for sure creates a great party atmosphere! Insanely great and super original stuff over here!
The last track of this Electro Flopper is ‘Yoyoyo’. We hear different strange fun sounds, bird cages, electronic rattle snacks, robotic bouncy balloons, metallic things all melted together in a technoid sensation of craziness. The brilliant in between bits will leave every listener with open mouth of complete brilliant weirdness! This is techno like you have never ever heard it before!
The Floppy Diskette was released through the legendary Diskette Etikette Records and to be honest I have no information if there is any floppy disk still available or that it is all sold out. The label is also under hiatus at this moment in time, so try to contact the label with patience if you are interested. This was excellent stuff and I’m glad to have this goody here in my hands! Lucky bastard that I am! Check out the label and hopefully find out more:http://www.disketteetikette.tk


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