microbit project - Dreams Of My Tape Cassette

microbit project - DREAMS OF MY TAPE CASSETTE
Recorded: 2013
Release: September 2013
Label: Intox Noize
Cat.: [noize057]
Style: Lobit Acid, Techno, Analog, Android techno
Digital Quality: 64 kbps, 11Hz, Stereo
Time: 31:19
Album Setup:RD3 For Android; Audioid For Android
Recorded on Analog Tape Cassette Multitraker Fostex X-14, 2013.


MIRROR (Archive.org)

1. tape dream (8:32)
2. funk of my acid hurt (7:56)
3. charming levity (5:52)
4. analog tape for love (8:59)


Microbit Project is one of the legendary projects out there in the underground that whatever genre it swims in, the results are always of an high grade satisfying quality.
With this newest release on the In Noize label the main ingredient is contagious and very playful acid dance music.
‘Tape Dream’ is the first killer track that feeds the acid heads all the fun loving acid music they craving! And not only the old school acid heads gets served as the funky lobit bleebs and blobs are perfectly suitable for anyone else in need for some lightweight material to dance too!
if the first tune (for some strange reason) didn’t made you move, than the second killer tune will drag your feet in the air with all its funkiness! Try to resist these deep loops and repetitive swinging lobit techno grooves! Impossible good fun!
With ‘Charming Levity’ Microbit Project takes on the comical side of acid, just close your eyes and see the millions of happy yellow smiley faces dance in front of your virtual happy center! Join them for the ultimate smiley dance with the fun music that Microbit Project has captured here for your ears! Delicious!
Analog Tape For Love’ is the last tune on the lobit analog acid dance fest, and feels as a perfect minimal dance track for tin-foiled hats party people! Party along with Microbit Project and grab this release for free at the following link