REVIEW: Intelligent Pop

artist: Microbit Project
cat: MBR-199/2013
format: 48 kbps mp3
keywords: lobit electronic, lobit pop, downtempo
label: Microbit Records http://lautpoesie.narod2.ru/Microbit_Records_label/
The latest (as far as I know) release of the famous Microbit Project was one of the last ones that has hit the always amazing Microbit Records. The record label that is a home to many lobit releases of many kind has decided to take a break, but promised to still release compilations and maybe some other goodies if we are lucky. Anyway the back catalogue of this succesful label is large, so there is plenty of music to discover if you like what you hear. The person behind Microbit Project is one of these characters that is almost like a super power, he is a poet, organizes a festival, has many music projects, runs a diversity of labels but most of all: is a very fond character that whatever he does, always delivers great quality. (even in a low bitrate!)
Today i wanted to show some light of the ‘INTELLIGENT POP’ release. Because it deserves to have some love and praises as it is rather good! It all begins with ‘lobunta (album mix) that starts of very sweet with lovely melodies that are bring back meaning to the word ‘love’. Soon a very fine and almost silly sounding electronic base is introduced and together with a fun tactic beat it all grows and glows musically. This is love-bit music, especially when there is a feel good vibe of synth playing a loving solo on top. This is super sweet, tasty and indeed very pop. But not the ones our brain get screwed up daily on the commercial television and radio, but indeed INTELLIGENT pop.
Electronic Music with a heart and a soul that is irresistible sweet and delivers the greatness of a pure and fine ‘Happy moment!’. Absolutely loving it!
As the former track does it best to make the lucky ears who managed to hear this release be happy and smiley, the next track will bring you even more love generated by a musical soul that is Evgenij V. Kharitonov. (the artist behind Microbit Project). ‘Return to the moon’ is a musical piece of downtempo electronica that is simply superb compared to what my ears are normally used too.
Lovely melodies, great relaxing vibes, great sounds, everything just seems to be perfect!
Even the cowbell is surrounded by warmth and love, this is the music i would play to my children (if i had any) just to make sure they get to know REAL music before stepping out in the crap outside.
Absolutely wonderful and certainly recommended for anyone who likes to listen to music that has a human soul in side. I can even go so far that as a listener, i’m closing my eyes and completely sink away while listening to this. It is perfect!
Then after all odds a track called ‘acidrama (acid mix) takes over. This reminds me of a track i have heard before of Microbit Project, but it can be perhaps the distinctive sound that is used. The rolling intelligent beat makes you move in a weird way, and it perhaps opens up another portal of triply funkiness. Sweet melodies, Funky acid presented in a very sweet and original laid back fashion.
It swings and contains the perfect mood for a healthy and fun acid induced trip. Lovely!
All the good things may come to an end, but Microbit Project gives us a nice gift before we will leave this release alone for anyone else to grab who is into good music. The last track is the single mix of ‘lobunta’. The first track that we hears on this release and that captured my heart straightaway. I prefer the album mix as it is a bit longer, but hell i can’t complain as this track certainly will delivers your ears a last doses of good vibes before going back into the real world of commercialism (and the crap pop that comes with it).
So my conclusion, if anyone cares about that, is that this release is an example of how real music should sound like. Everybody pay attention and get over to this lovely feel good release as you might as well fall in love with the wonderful sounds of Microbit Project! Well recommended material and available in your ears in just a matter of seconds!
go and get it over here (you won’t be disappointed):

VIA: YEAH I KNOW IT SUCKS. – 2013 – 10 March.


Compiled by Kai Nobuko to celebrate the catalogue of
Microbit Records
Label: Microbit-Records | Catalog: MBR-200/2013
Country: All World
Style: various lobit styles
Quality: from 8 kbps to 80 kbps mp3
Total time: 120:23:44

NOTES FROM KAI NOBUKO: thank you everybody for making this wonderful compilation possible.Really apreciate the enthousiasm and the quick response and the overload of muiscal diversity,all joined together in that loveable lobit rate.
thanks lobit explorers, music makers, pushers, experimentalist, crazy people and dear brothers and sisters.starchilds, cat people, weirdo's and loveable noise makers!
Perhaps because Microbit Records was one of these sources that got me hooked on lobit, i felt a bit saddened with the news of its break. But i am sure that Microbit will be back in the near and bright future!In the mean time i encourage everyone who reads this and not done this before; to dive into the huge back catalogue of this fun tastic netlabel!
to experience a bit of lobit heaven.
Thanks Microbit Records and may you live forever!


1 Toxic Chicken - Welcome At The Microbit Celebration Compilation
2 Anixas - ToxicMudSphere 24kbps
3 Sven Meyer - Darya
4 Avs_Silvester - Search for the right path
5 d0x10 - stamp fuel
6 mr.Bull - Dream Factory 2KX
8 Hollywood Video Game Kill-Bot - We Are Spirits 1
9 Ech(o) - Charlie's Carnival
10 The Pink Blob - Cocaine
11 Pollux - Blue Grass (Kai Nobuko remix)
12 Unknown drummer on Vaynere str & Avs_Silvester - 1 var
13 Pogohm - Sofa Raver (Lo Fi Rave busters Remix)
14 Covolux - Corny
15 The Pink Blob - I Hate Christmas
16 Your Name - 12345
17 Der Domestizierte Mensch - Duff
18 Dentist John - Dog Walkers
19 Graffiti Mechanism - Photosynthesis (Covolux remix)
20 Toxic Chicken - Graffiti Mechanism
21 Microbit Project - Labyrinth (Dentist John Remix)
22 isteronproject - barbie was an anorexic asshole
23 Google Droppings - READFIL2.PAS

microbit project - Intelligent Pop

microbit project - Intelligent Pop
label: Microbit Records
Catalog#: MBR-199
Release date: February 2013
Keywords: Downtempo, Underground Chill-Pop
Quality: mp3, 48 kbps


1. lobunta (album mix) (6:09)
2. return to the moon (6:12)
3. acidrama (acid mix) (5:31)
4. lobunta (single mix) (4:46)