Welcome to the official website of the LOBIT Music Festival!
A festive celebration of world wide music & art in a Lobit rate, held in the wonderful town of Lobith, the Netherlands.
we promise you entertainment for the whole family, with a amazing, divers program of only
the best international Lobit artists + some fine obscure acts too!
Music, rock, techno, soundart, poetry, home baked cookies and a blowup castle for the kids, we will supply all!
If that’s not enough: this festival will be completely FREE to attend!
LOBIT music Festival

location: Lobith, The Netherlands.

date: Mystery date _**_**_ 2012

artists line up: confirmed for now::

-C4 (us)
-SASCHA MULLER (germany)
-JJOTH (ukraine)
-D0X10 (finland)
-HLO (us)
-COVOLUX (holland)
-THE PINK BLOB (mexico)
-HRTZCANARY (antarctica)
-Obsolète Broadcast Système (canada)
-VZIEL (ukraine)
-POLLUX (france)
& many Many More….
Festival description:
Martin L King had a dream but Tibol had one dream too; the realisation of a true Lobit music festival featuring a variety of great known and lesser known international lobit artists from all over the globe. to come together, have fun, and perform their art/music/poetry/sounds how they want it to a small but interested crowd.
Today we finally got the money and the time together to organize this joyful event.
The festival will be held in the village Lobith in The Netherlands, close near the german border with lots of water surrounding it. The performances will be held in some secret locations in and around Lobith. We will keep you up to date where to catch your favorite act or lobit artists.

Live Streaming / or on demand listening of the festival:
The LOBIT Music Festival will be available as a live stream on Tibol Lobit Radio.
and also as a down-loadable release on archive.org with the help of Sirona Records.
So if you are not able to make your way to the wonderful village of Lobith
for some crazy wacky reason, you are not going to miss out on these wonderful lobit sounds created by your favorite lobit artists..
Mystery Date:
The festival will be held at a mystery date. please keep an eye to this website. and keep your agenda free somewhere at the beginning of the year 2012!


acid scout

microbit project – acid scout
Record: 2011
Released: 24 December 2011
label: Microbit Records
Catalog#: MBR-169
Keywords: lobit acid tehno, acid house
Quality: MP3, 48 kbps, 44 Hz, stereo
Time 13:10
Size: 4 mb
Mirror site

1. acidonia [2:33]
2. acid scout [8:35]
3. grand finale [2:02]



Terrible Performance

microbit project - terrible performance
label: Microbit Records
Catalog#: MBR-167
Release date: December 2011
Keywords: Live analog noise, circuit bending, soundscape
Quality: MP3, 64 kbps, 22 Hz, mono
Time 6:39
Size: 3 mb
Recorded 01 September 2011.
This release - Noise Performance on Circuit bending Toy analogue aynthesizer (circuit bending by ::vtol::).

INTERNET ARCHIVE (Stream or download)


TIBOL - Lobit Radio Show (Episode 7, 8, 9)

v/a – TIBOL Lobit Radio Show Episode 7 (October 2011)


1. Flat Affect – Abduction (8kbps, 1.09) from 4m@100 – V/A – Floppy Compilation (2010)
2. Obsolete Broadcast Systeme – Great Cosmonaut (16kbps, 5.08) (unreleased)
3. razxca – Employted (0.58, 32 kbps) from 20kbps 2007-2008 compilation
4. DJ conductiON – Dance Hell (48kbps, 2.03) from Doomdub EP, on NAHC (2006)
5. Overthruster – Crucial Youth Anthem (64kbps, 3.35) from Lakefield, Minnesota on dex and the City records (2007)
6. Pussykillers – Save Floppy Disks not Animals (2.29) from Sex, Drugs and Floppy Disks on Dex and the city
7. Goto80 – Real Raw Rave (5kbps, 2.25) from goto1993, on Floppyswop (2007)
8. McFiredrill – Grumpy Remix (16kbps, 1.09) From Error Bear on 20kbps/Floppy Killers
9. Toxic Chicken – Musique concrete (16kbps, 2.14) from Floppy Pop, on Floppy Swop (2009)
10. Flashbob – Badger’s Boogie (48kbps, 2.08) from floppy swop (2010)
- Interview pt.1 – Rainbow Valley
11. Rainbow Valley – Ascension Bridge (8kbps, 5.41) from Rainbow Valley/Diu Pii split floppy disk, self released (2011)
12. EugeneKha – Deep Minimalism in 8kbps (8 kbps, 3.30) from All Stars of the 8 kbps Sound on Microbit records (2008)
13. Hertzcanary – Bounce to the Park (1kbps, 1.05) from Whµ Do Birds Sing So Gaµ on 20kbps records (June 2011)
14. Microbit Project – Kadaka (48 kbps, 3.27) from the Lowbit 2010 boxset on Microbit Records (Feb 2011)
- Interview Part 2 – Rainbow Valley
15. Cryovolcano – Nenah (3.04, 128 kbps) (from 007 on Rejected, 2011)
16. Pollux – Suicidal Birds (2.09, 16 kbps) from Riot from the Sky, Diskette Etikette Rekords (2010)

v/a – TIBOL Lobit Radio Show Episode 8 (October 2011)


c4 - modus
Hardliner - Christian In My Bathroom
Ambient Konnekt - Citrus (32kbps Edit)
The Captain Kirk On LSD Experience - Overrated (LowBitEdition)
Playing With Nuns - Burlesque For Piano
Disco Death - Dance Dance Dance
The Pink Blob - Sexy Cat
Microbit Project - Techno Trash
Toxic Chicken - Do you really love me or is it just another business deal
Pollux & Ploof - Esotheric Lotus Arcane
Elechronica - REM
V3rb Th3 N0un (ex Mock The Masses) - Healeah
Glorious Moustache - courtney lo...hate
Creix - Fogs Of Time
Interview - Fabiorosho
Fabiorosho - Audiopixels Vol.2 (Complete EP)

v/a – TIBOL Lobit Radio Show Episode 9 (November 2011)



2 Lee Rosevere – Lights On The Moor
3 Pollux – -30 is hot
4 Rainbow Valley – Antisolar
5 Covolux – the sleepless (night 2)
6 Microbit Project – Far Limit
7 Holden – nothing in the end
8 Pollux – Circle (All is Ice version)
9 razxca – gre vers 2
10 Cannibal Gluttoness – a soul cries out
11 Graffiti Mechanism – db
12 mono syntax – path
13 basinski drone corps – maid in heaven
14 Flat Affect – Untitled
15 atarix – naked nerve player
16 RedSK – trrrrtttktkttrr Four