v/a - FUNDERGROUND Episode 13 (Floppy Diskette release)

Welcome to the 13th episode of the famous floppy sized compilation series called


After the huge succes of the floppy sized compilation series called FUNDERGROUND we are totally back with more FUNDERGROUND episodes!
Episode 1 to episode 11 are available for free download on the wonderful 4m@ records!
Download them all for a unique and above all high quality selective lobit collection of pure delight!
please do check 4m@ out over here:

In this wonderful episode of THE FUNDERGROUND we have a great selection of music!
featured are tracks by Packert Hell (lobit sweetness) Covolux (lobit ambient) Microbit Project (space lobit ambient electronics) , Downloaders (noise ambient) and
last but certainly not least: The Intellectual Anarchist (with a IDM chill out tune to smoke with)

I could write something more here but in this case i rather not,
Just because this floppy sized compilation is just LOADED with great music
by world wide glamour artists that simple are a delight full match on this delicious episode!
a very chill out one, that will certainly not displease anyone!


1 Packert Hell - Sanuk 1 (00:25)
2 Covolux - Moving On (1:34)
3 Microbit Project - Silent Sky (4:33)
4 Downloaders - Nii (0:33)
5 The Intellectual Anarchist - Smoking Pot (2:37)

runtime: a life time!

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