Underground Acid Dance Floor

Recorded: 2011
Released: 2011-11-24
Label: Top Of The Flops
Catalog#: TOTF027
Style: Acid, tribal techno, rave
Quality: mp3, 80 kbps, stereo
Time: 25:46
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Microbit Project delivers a classy and delicate slick old school dance theme, completely with intense nice sound production, funky baselines and progressive rhythms. The underground timeless acid dance-floor microbit it taking us too could come out of the past as-well as the future. But it certainly comes out of the hands from a well respected genius of music, sound andpoetry!
The music is perfect head phone and speaker friendly and above all next to good company it relaxed funky rhythmic grooves are definitively food for your dance shoes! The 'smooth operator' of the underground has tamed the drum sequencer synthesizer machine Arturia Spark for our enjoyment, and i bet he left it provokingly hot!
enjoyment for lovers of old school retro dance music with a futuristic funk twist and the general underground public. the little rhythmic sounds in the mix are even hitting some African twists and the simple but effective melodies are certainly a joy to dance and to listen to.
tune in now, you will not regret it! after all this is THE Microbit Project!

Microbit project is one of TOTF's favourite projects of the multi sound / music composer and art poetry genius Evgenij V. Kharitonov.
he is also responsible for one of the most stable and strong netlabels out there, especially Microbit Records! which has been since its start till now a very loyal and stable source for lobit music. The owner of TOTF got hooked through this inspiring label so please praise it with care!
lots of peace and respect to Microbit Project and enjoy this excellent release!

Kai Nobuko

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