TIBOL - Lobit Radio Show Episode 2

TIBOL is a radio show completely dedicated to lo bit music,
their artists and the lobit netlabel scene.
in the second episode dj Chicken brings a great selection of worldwide lobit music. from ambient, lobit acid, to industrial, chiptune experimental etc.
plus a very interesting special interview with musician and label owner Jjoth, about his 8Ravens netlabel. a netlabel who releases albums encoded in a bitrate of 8kbps.
we hope you enjoy the show!


*Prosper Prowano - sindeticon (floppyswop)
* neuroSampler - noisology (microbit records)
from the album neuroSampler - PHLEGMATIC DIRTY DANCES
*Maxi Single feat. Afolf Neger - Blütezeit (20kbps)
from the album Maxi Single feat. Afolf Neger - Blütezeit
*neuroSampler - noisology
neuroSampler - PHLEGMATIC DIRTY DANCES (microbit records)
* Flashbob -To All My Bastlerz (floppyswop)
from the album Badger's Boogie 3 1/4
*the pink blob - mono (lome netlabel)
from the album 16 kbps heaven
* i AM esper - turquiose (microbit records)
from the album Attic recordings 2009
*Graffiti Mechanism - Funky Robo Joe (4m@ records)
from the album grafmechacid
*Fuicide - Nobody Paid Any Attention To Us (unaware records)
* nuno maltez - liebe (rejected)
from the album 32kbps grammophon
* Pollux - anarchy (4m@ records)
*Die Society Die - Splosion (microbit records)
* VWT - She's Syrup (4m@ records)
* hamburguesa vegetal feat. xedh - vivan las fuentes (20kbps)
from the album
* Marasmatronics Projet - Wow ghost (8Ravens)
from the album wow ghost
* nobschestivo zrelischa / Society of specacle - a khujah vertelis' my (microbit records)
from the album nobschestivo zrelischa / Society of specacle - huy i kot - semena
*Jean Michel Blanchet - Solar Microbit Project acidDiscoRmx (top of the flops)
from the album Microbit Project - The Lost Tracks Collection II (TOTF005)

* Stone Suckers - Shallow Grove is a great place to live (4m@ records)
-interview jjoth of 8Ravens netlabel part 1
* cryovolcano - the Blue witch (8Ravens)
from the album cryovolcano - 005
-interview jjoth of 8Ravens netlabel part 2
*jjoth - my funeral (8Ravens)
from the album My funeral



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